Thursday, December 30, 2010

diamonds in dirt

           We see chaos and confusion all around. The world is at the brink of sanity. Life is often a tempest for most of us. Trying times lead people to drugs and drinking habits, which further leads to destruction of families and societal defragmentation, slowly. Modern societies are becoming more focused on money making techniques and losing out on the humanity factor. Children are the most affected, being thrown into unwanted situations like shuttle cocks. Unhappy children make an unhealthy tomorrow.
             The situation can be dramatically changed. Our duty is to only act, for action or karma is our part and not the results thereof. As swami Vivekananda puts it: not a drop
will be in the ocean, not a twig in the deepest forest, not a crumb in the house of god of wealth if the lord is not merciful. Streams will be in the desert and the beggars will have plenty if he wills it.” Love is so powerful that it can allure millions of people towards the path of truth. Truth is more fundamental than the atom.
             Sri Sathya Sai Baba ,swami to his devotees around the world ,whose love can only be experienced , not written about in words.Sathya or truth, Dharma or righteousness,Shanti or peace and Prema or love is his message to this world. If we were to follow only these four simple principles, our life would change dramatically and for those around us too.Swamy says that there is only one religion-the religion of love, is it not true? Were we all not anxious for the trapped miners a few months ago? The world prayed for them. That is the magic of universal love.
             Humans are born into this world, which is the Garden of Eden created by God. But as soon as they start maturing into adults which is accelerated now by immoral media programmes which is thrust into innocent minds, people become tarnished. The mad rush for money, name and other comforts makes people do anything illegal and immoral to achieve what they want. Basic relations like those with parents are not given respect or love. Selfishness has become the motto. If one drop of poison falls in a cup of water,the water also becomes poisonous ,Sathya Sai Baba says.
            People are diamonds covered in the dust and dirt of lust, hatred, greed, malice, jealousy ego etc;.Swamy says that death is sweeter than the blindness of ignorance.He has revealed three aspects of our personality-
You are not one person, you are three persons-
  • The one that  you think you are
  • The one that others think that you are
  • The one that you really are   
He asks us to ignore the two false aspects of our personality and realize the real
and Atmic [atma –soul]  aspect. For instilling pure and strong thoughts, we are advised to think ourselves of as god, not dust. We verily become what we think. So our thoughts finally shape our destiny. As we think We become.
            Fear rules most of us. It keeps us from doing many great things, which might give us great success. Sathya Sai Baba tells us not to be afraid of death and the world. We should not forget god. We should Watch our Words,Actions,Thoughts,Character and Heart. It is the thought which leads to words,actions,habits and character. Character is Destiny. To have good character, one should start with good thoughts. Thoughts originate from food. Food is what you take from five senses, so one has to be careful about what one sees,smell,hear,touch and eat. That will take one to the goal of life. It will make one shine like diamond. One shall stand above the rest. Love unselfishly, and be kind towards all. Good pure thoughts make a person have a magnetic aura around the body which will not only ensure success in all fields, but also keep away bad things like evil eye, and bad influences.Sure,ther may be distractions ,but once you take a small step towards God, God will never let you down. You have my word for it.
              To sum it up, Avoid Fear, Jealousy and Bad Thoughts. Believe in God. Don’t carry your luggage inside the train or vehicle. Leave everything to God. He shall take care of everything. Remember God helps those who help themselves. So start by putting trust in God and Live a simple life, without many desires and God shall fulfill your desires even before you know it. Think well for others and you shall be well off.