Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to save women from being raped - a few humble opinions

As rapes continue without any reform to the minds of distorted people all over the world (not generalizing), there has to be action taken against those who think it is okay to hurt and destroy a woman both physically and mentally. A woman is born to be loved, to be cared for so that she can help with the continuation of the human kind and not considered as a piece of enjoyment. Some patriarchs think women as lowly, they do not give her respect and trade girls who are still kids for money. Shame on such people. 

Instead of just reading about rapes, signing a social media petition and moving off toward other daily jobs, we should all take ACTIONS AGAINST SUCH CRIMINALS. 

1. Warn women against going alone through places that are deserted or lonely. Even if there are companions, it is better to carry self defense weapons or pepper sprays. 

2. Form groups of local residents for patrol in troubled areas. The police will help when more people are involved. e.g. there were many thefts in +Thripunithura a suburb in our city and local residents formed groups (25) of night patrol and they would roam the streets at night with sticks and torches. They put an end to the thefts by catching the thieves who had killed people for stealing during the night, especially when they were glued to the tv sets at night. Such groups can be formed to catch rapists if ever they come to trouble girls traveling alone. It may sound impossible but we have to ensure safety of women and girls. 

3. I am a woman. Women may talk about equality and such stuff. This is applicable only in places which are safe, not in the streets where anti social elements may roam, drunk, in the night. Please never ever stray alone in the dark without proper vehicle or companions. Never send little girls alone even if it is to a neighbors' house. Life now is even more dangerous.

4. Never trust a stranger and never leave a little one with a stranger or anyone you are unsure of. Some people have a knack of talking others into revealing personal secrets and taking them into confidence. Treat every new person with a distance and never trust a kid with them. 

I write this after reading &bharatsharma08 's post on the recent rape

These are my humble opinions, please bear with me and please spread the word around, write a post with your own tips 


Glossy magazines

Magazines are a form of entertainment. From the start of movies, the last century onwards, there have been gossips. The print magazines have taken advantage of the celebrity lives, their secrets and their glamor and sold it like hot cakes. Even now, the print magazines run strong. As long as people love to read about the movie stars and their lives, the glossy magazines will live on. 

The main attraction is the colorful photographs, the scandals and juicy details, the smaller details and so on. Some magazines introduce other features. There are others which blend glamor into health and home and they succeed whereas some just use plain print but I do not know if many will buy such boring looking magazines. It is often the color that attracts the buyer. 

Do you love reading magazines? I sometimes look through it but do not have much time to read it. The magazine my husband buys sometimes is more for the housewife rather than a film based one. It has great household tips, astrological predictions and recipes and so on. It is a monthly magazine. I wonder if there are quality online magazines. 

image source : deepa

Things to watch out while you purchase a handbag

Handbags are a must to almost every woman. Most people buy from local stores. There are people who would pay more than a thousand dollars for a brand handbag. I am writing this for the ordinary person like me who uses a handbag more for useful purposes than anything else. 

1. Check the bag for proper stitch
2. Go through every pocket carefully - some have smelly interiors made of cheap plastic which could tear - so dirt cheap may not be worth it
3. Check the strap - whether it is sturdy
4. Check the clasps and the zippers - close and open
5. Check it inside out

Check three or four and decide on the best, trust your conscience and buy it before you change your mind

Handbags can hold many things and a fellow writer &goodselfme won a handbag weighing competition

a handbag post -


The names in tags are some of the top brands in the industry. A black handbag is the most popular all purpose handbag suited for all dresses. 

image source : deepa

Natural cures for diabetes

Just as I settled before bubblews, my sis in law called me to ask about my health. Speaking about diabetes and all the diets, she mentioned that Okra/ladies finger as it is known here is a natural cure. It should be cut and soaked in water and left overnight. Then the water should be drank in the morning. However it will reduce blood sugar so quickly that one has to be careful and consult a physician before attempting this method and thus avoid pills. I may not try this method because the gooey texture of okra will certainly put me off and I have to follow the schedule given by the doctor. Cinnamon is also good enough she said and advised me to put it in the tea while boiling. I will do that so that it is beneficial to all. 

Thanks to the bubblews team for sending my payment and now I can use it to buy a pair of boots for my hubby. The problem now remains to convince him to buy it. Being a villager throughout, he does not like dressing fancy and would consider boots as an accessory to be worn only by the fashion guys or gals. 

I do not know why snakes are entering human territory- today's morning paper had a report - a jeep was driven by a person and his colleague. They were going to the bank. A snake fell on the lap of the driver. In his state of fear, he forgot common sense, threw the snake aside and jumped out of the running jeep which hit a parked car. The snake fell on his co passenger and he also jumped from the running jeep. Thanks to God, nothing happened to those two and the car that the jeep hit. A traffic jam had formed by then and the people from the road helped in finding the snake and killing it. Now, we are going to check every place before we even venture. 

God bless bubblews. 

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Belgium is a model for others

As many know, my son is studying in the tenth class/grade. He has a lot to study and it seems his politics teacher has not yet started teaching as she is now teaching economics and geography. So, I took his text book and planned to teach him. The first chapter is about the distribution of power and two countries are explained in detail so that the kids will be able to understand more easily. 

Belgium and Srilanka - how they handled a difficult situation. 

Belgium has a population that consists of French speaking, Dutch speaking and about one percent of German speaking people. Their government has redefined the constitution in such a way that all are represented and given a voice. Thus all are appeased and a major civil war avoided. The Belgians are very diplomatic and truly democratic. 

In the other case as we all know, suppression led to the formation of terrorist groups and further destruction of land and people. I do hope no such terror group ever arises and things are solved in an amicable manner. That is why I felt that +Belgium is a model for other countries in the world.

Beware of pickpockets while traveling

I received a news that a relative lost her purse which contained money and all cards and important documents.
She had the good sense to block those cards but I do not know if she will get back her documents like Pan Card which is very important and issued by the income tax department.
She is upset and we are too while listening to her through the mobile.
She said that a crowd of people surrounded her and snatched her purse in the bus. They also tried to snatch her gold chain bu she did not let them get it. They took her purse by keeping their heavy bags on top of hers and then took hers in the shuffle that followed.
India is a crowded country and one must be careful.
I am writing this to warn all travelers.