Sunday, December 21, 2014

Things to watch out while you purchase a handbag

Handbags are a must to almost every woman. Most people buy from local stores. There are people who would pay more than a thousand dollars for a brand handbag. I am writing this for the ordinary person like me who uses a handbag more for useful purposes than anything else. 

1. Check the bag for proper stitch
2. Go through every pocket carefully - some have smelly interiors made of cheap plastic which could tear - so dirt cheap may not be worth it
3. Check the strap - whether it is sturdy
4. Check the clasps and the zippers - close and open
5. Check it inside out

Check three or four and decide on the best, trust your conscience and buy it before you change your mind

Handbags can hold many things and a fellow writer &goodselfme won a handbag weighing competition

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The names in tags are some of the top brands in the industry. A black handbag is the most popular all purpose handbag suited for all dresses. 

image source : deepa