Sunday, December 21, 2014

Glossy magazines

Magazines are a form of entertainment. From the start of movies, the last century onwards, there have been gossips. The print magazines have taken advantage of the celebrity lives, their secrets and their glamor and sold it like hot cakes. Even now, the print magazines run strong. As long as people love to read about the movie stars and their lives, the glossy magazines will live on. 

The main attraction is the colorful photographs, the scandals and juicy details, the smaller details and so on. Some magazines introduce other features. There are others which blend glamor into health and home and they succeed whereas some just use plain print but I do not know if many will buy such boring looking magazines. It is often the color that attracts the buyer. 

Do you love reading magazines? I sometimes look through it but do not have much time to read it. The magazine my husband buys sometimes is more for the housewife rather than a film based one. It has great household tips, astrological predictions and recipes and so on. It is a monthly magazine. I wonder if there are quality online magazines. 

image source : deepa