Sunday, December 21, 2014

Natural cures for diabetes

Just as I settled before bubblews, my sis in law called me to ask about my health. Speaking about diabetes and all the diets, she mentioned that Okra/ladies finger as it is known here is a natural cure. It should be cut and soaked in water and left overnight. Then the water should be drank in the morning. However it will reduce blood sugar so quickly that one has to be careful and consult a physician before attempting this method and thus avoid pills. I may not try this method because the gooey texture of okra will certainly put me off and I have to follow the schedule given by the doctor. Cinnamon is also good enough she said and advised me to put it in the tea while boiling. I will do that so that it is beneficial to all. 

Thanks to the bubblews team for sending my payment and now I can use it to buy a pair of boots for my hubby. The problem now remains to convince him to buy it. Being a villager throughout, he does not like dressing fancy and would consider boots as an accessory to be worn only by the fashion guys or gals. 

I do not know why snakes are entering human territory- today's morning paper had a report - a jeep was driven by a person and his colleague. They were going to the bank. A snake fell on the lap of the driver. In his state of fear, he forgot common sense, threw the snake aside and jumped out of the running jeep which hit a parked car. The snake fell on his co passenger and he also jumped from the running jeep. Thanks to God, nothing happened to those two and the car that the jeep hit. A traffic jam had formed by then and the people from the road helped in finding the snake and killing it. Now, we are going to check every place before we even venture. 

God bless bubblews. 

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