Sunday, December 21, 2014

Belgium is a model for others

As many know, my son is studying in the tenth class/grade. He has a lot to study and it seems his politics teacher has not yet started teaching as she is now teaching economics and geography. So, I took his text book and planned to teach him. The first chapter is about the distribution of power and two countries are explained in detail so that the kids will be able to understand more easily. 

Belgium and Srilanka - how they handled a difficult situation. 

Belgium has a population that consists of French speaking, Dutch speaking and about one percent of German speaking people. Their government has redefined the constitution in such a way that all are represented and given a voice. Thus all are appeased and a major civil war avoided. The Belgians are very diplomatic and truly democratic. 

In the other case as we all know, suppression led to the formation of terrorist groups and further destruction of land and people. I do hope no such terror group ever arises and things are solved in an amicable manner. That is why I felt that +Belgium is a model for other countries in the world.