Monday, January 17, 2011

Man must ask himself four things: Who am I, wherefrom have I come, whither am I going, How long shall I be here? Spiritual queries begin with these questions. One must try to find answers to these queries; otherwise his life will be like a letter that goes into the dead letter office or in recent language, into the recycle bin from where one has to try by himself if he wants to be restored.

There is a cycle-that of birth and death, if man has to escape this never ending process he must try hard himself, nobody else can do it for him. One can buy almost any thing with money but not fate, luck, destiny, reputation and health. One can buy a costly mattress, but not sleep. What does this show? Some things are beyond our grasp. To understand life’s mysteries, man must strive to think about his aims and goals-whether they are on the right path and analyze it.

Man must struggle to get to the top of the ladder of spirituality. He should have faith in victory. Man must gather faith and courage from those who are of similar spiritual inclination. He should not have contact with persons who sow the seeds of fear or doubt. Detachment should be the motto, for all things in this world are fleeting and do not last for long. Attachment causes misery and causes impediments in progress.

If man carries an unbroken effort, the Lord himself comes as guide and savior He guards you from unwanted elements and leads you to liberation. Pray to God with an open heart and He shall reveal to you that He is present in all beings. Some realize it and they are like shining iron pieces attracted to the magnet-God, but others are like rusted pieces, which will not be attracted even if the magnet is very near. The rust can be removed by constantly remembering the Lord’s name and washing the heart clean of bad thoughts, ego, envy and other vices. If the road of our mind is repaired, then the Lord will come to stay with us again.

Decide to move from the low to the high. Improve character and conduct; when feelings are cleansed and impulses become pure, and intelligence free from crookedness then God becomes a reality.

When you are in a dark room, you feel the darkness, but when a light is switched on, the darkness disappears. Everything can be seen clearly then, similarly when the light of God shines on you, life becomes illuminated and elevated. So strive hard to bring in the light in your life.