Thursday, January 13, 2011

Children are the future citizens. They are the promise of tomorrow. Children should be given respect and showed honor. Small children have a clean mind like a blank page. What we write in it shows the final result. If children are respected and treated with proper honor they will bloom into beautiful people who will contribute to the betterment of this world.
Criminals are not born. They are formed. Most criminals have had a bad childhood where they were treated very badly. These bad impressions have led their mind astray and they have not only spoiled their life but also that of others.
How can we show respect to children? That is a difficult question for many as their children show little or no respect back to elders. But that is not their fault, because that is what they must have observed as they grew up. The environment in which the children grow up determines their behavior and habits. Like father, like son, they say.
Try to treat children who throw tantrums with patience and a little kindness, after all they are little children, and their world revolves around their parents and friends only. Their minds have not developed fully, so they will not understand reason. Give them time. Make them understand slowly that whatever you are suggesting is for their own good.
At first cajole them kindly and tell them that they will be respected more if they adjust.
Children are like small buds. If we treat them harshly it will affect their behavioral patterns and they will become a nuisance not only to others but also ruin their life.
For bringing up wonderful children who are a bonus to society, teach them from younger age itself stories of humanity, great leaders, and Aesop’s fables and stories which give a stress on good behavior.
Try not to argue or create scenes before children which will adversely affect their behavior. A good environment is absolutely necessary for raising good children.
Your children reflect the situation in your house in public, so a loving atmosphere will naturally help children shine in the outside world.
People respect those who are well behaved. We should teach our children to show respect to elders and peers alike by showing them respect in the house.
Children are like angels. Treat them with love and they shall share everything with you. They need all the love and care to blossom properly. Do not waste time, otherwise before you know it, they will have flown away and will not turn back to care or share unless you have shown them respect.
Do you want your children to grow up properly? Then spend double the time that you are spending with them from now on. Spend only half the amount of money that you ae spending now.-baba.