Monday, January 17, 2011

A single flower gimes a  nice scent, so imagine how fragrant a garland of sweet flowers will be. We should be like a fresh flower and not a wilting one which give a foul smell.

One single flower cannot be used to make a garland. One tree cannot be called a forest and one house does not make a society. Many flowers must be used to make a garland. Acres of trees and bushes make a forest and collection of many houses make a village. The collection of many individuals is society. Man must remember this when he tends to be selfish and tries to outsmart others.

A selfish person tries to hoard only for his benefit and all his actions are motivated by selfishness. Such a person does not pause to think whether his actions hurt others or whether he is thwarting them. All that matters is personal ends. The means does not matter to him. Such behavior does not benefit the society of which he is a part.

Man forgets his own spiritual nature. He is after temporary and transient pleasures which make him forget that once he ages, then he will not have health to start a spiritual journey at that age. It will be too late to start and he shall pass away from Earth like an animal that will not be remembered for being kind or having any good quality.

The values of human life are great, among these, sacrifice is the main. If man wants to be permanently happy, then he has to sacrifice selfish tendencies and inculcate the divine qualities like love, selflessness, non violence and lack of ego.
With the body one must do- good work.
With the mind one must do-promote good thoughts.
Man has been given a healthy body so that he can be of service to others and he has been given a mind, a powerful mind which he should harness and control to use it to the maximum benefit to help others. By helping others, it does not mean that man loses. On the other hand God takes note of it and helps him when he is in the utmost need or trouble. A good deed never goes waste. Here is a small story to illustrate this.

A sick and lonely person was bedridden unable to even get up and brush his teeth. He became very emotional and sad that there was nobody to help him even to brush his teeth. Suddenly the door opened and a person with an aura around his head came in and started brushing his teeth as if he were a boy. The sick man was surprised and enquired about him. The helper replied that he had come to help because, he, the sick man had cleaned and washed a leper a long time ago. So he was repaying a debt of good deed. Then the sick man realized that the person who helped him was none other than God.

A heart of compassion is the temple of God. Therefore man must shed his selfish tendencies and consider everyone as his own, because one is only a drop in the ocean. Whatever one may earn unscrupulously will vanish sooner or later. We are all flowers in a garland stringed together by God.