Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Man and God are intertwined. How? The heart of man is the field where the seed of conscience is planted when he is born into this world. God is the eternal witness to all of man’s thoughts, actions and words. Whatever he thinks is immediately conveyed to God. Those who have a close contact with God are given instructions whether or not to proceed with a certain action, and thus they are saved if they follow these instructions.

Have you not felt sometimes your heart telling you not to do certain things? This advice is from God who is omnipresent and seated in your heart. If you follow even one instruction, God will be extremely pleased and will truly help you, even if you do not ask for it.

I once heard a speech by a priest in a TV channel telling the story of a man who heard the voice of God. He was returning home after a day’s work when suddenly his mind told him to buy bread and milk. It kept on urging him and did buy it. When he drove further he was urged to stop the car. He obeyed and got out taking the milk and bread with him and walked to a row of house. He was told to knock at a certain door and did that expecting strange reactions. When the door was opened by a young lady, she was surprised to see a stranger holding a packet of bread and milk. She started crying but welcomed the man in. After he gave the parcel to the lady, she took it and gave milk and bread to her baby. The young lady explained to the man that she had been praying to God to give her food to feed her child because she did not have money to do so. The man was so moved by the act of God’s kindness; he gave her some money and asked her to report for a job in his firm.

This story made me want to hear the voice of God so much that I prayed. Slowly concentrating on my heart and conscience and asking in my inner mind before I did anything, I was able to recognize the voice of God. He speaks in the language of silence which can be heard only if the mind is quiet and without unnecessary desires.

You can hear the voice of God too and uplift your soul and life, because every man has been gifted with a lovely heart and all share same emotional feelings which mean all persons are but parts of the same universal God. We are all connected and made of the same mould, so shed your anger, ego, selfishness and negative attitudes and learn to connect with God. If you succeed, you will be the winner always.