Saturday, January 8, 2011


The mind flies at a tangent all the time. Meditation (Dhyana) is the process by which it is trained to acquire concentration.  When its basic truth is known, the mind will not be deluded by the evanescent, the untrue, and the unblissful. Instead, it will welcome the blossoming of joy, happiness, and truth, and it will not be affected by sorrow and grief. Your life also assumes a new splendour when you visualise and realise bliss in the awareness of the Supreme Reality. The taste of the fruit is evident when you see the whole of it is eaten with no portion left behind.  So too, when the taste of meditation is once discovered, you will discard all doubt and discussion thereon and engage yourself fully in it. Therefore, begin meditation, each one of you, from today - even from this moment!
- Dhyana Vahini, Chap 1 "The Power of Meditation".

Whenever and wherever you put yourself in touch with God, it is the state of meditation. - Baba