Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you really satisfied with your present life? 99% of people will reply in the negative. What brings eternal satisfaction in one’s life?
 There are many hurdles which stop us from being content.
Our wants and desires. We always want something or the other. Desires creep into our mind through our senses. Our eyes, when viewing something beautiful, conveys it to our brain and we desire for it. This desire grips our body and soul and we lose our peace of mind until we gain it. As soon as we attain the object of our desire, another item catches our fancy and we go after it. This is a never ending cycle from which only those who really try can escape. There is a way to be content. REDUCE wants and stop desiring for objects, because man minus desire is GOD. We should evaluate in our mind whether we really want the object of our desire. If it truly deserves our attention and money and only if it will truly help us, should we desire it and try to acquire it. Ignore the desire otherwise and convince the mind that it is not worthy of attention and the mind will be happy then, relieved of a heavy burden.
Jealousy, If we become jealous of a person, the first thing we lose would be our peace of mind. Jealousy will not do any good for our mind. It will only destroy our innate good qualities and our face will reflect our state of mind, thereby projecting our real attitude towards the person whom we are feeling jealousy toward. Just think, will jealousy help us? , Never. It will only make us worse. So, do not waste time being jealous about other people’s achievements. Instead concentrate on one’s own work and succeed.
We always want more. If we get more, we still desire for more. If somebody becomes more successful than us, we become restless and desperate, losing our peace of mind. But stop to think of those less fortunate, the suffering and the needy, the poor and disabled and we shall realize that we are truly blessed. A satisfied mind is our greatest wealth and such a state is a real blessing indeed which when achieved will come to stay and take us into a higher position.
Renouncing desires does not mean that we should live in the forest and meditate. We should limit our wants and give more to those who need our help. A little charity will guard us in our bad times. God never forsakes those who really work for the better good of others, often forgetting their own wants. HE takes personal care of such persons and their desires are fulfilled even before they know it. So think of others around us and remember that we are born as humans to achieve a higher goal and our life is not to be wasted in being jealous of others and daydreaming. Achieve the state of a contented mind now itself by starting to reduce desires and developing a right and positive attitude towards others. God bless.