Sunday, January 2, 2011

have you heard the voice of GOD?

Caught in the spider web of today’s mad rush after money world, man, is in a tragic condition, having no time to think and ponder on his inner divine self, which is like a captured wild elephant being beaten and subdued by our craze for the material world and it’s comforts.

Our pitiable conditions are mostly due to our lack of co-ordination of both physical and mental forces. Unless we learn to be calm and organized, we cannot make our life successful. The practice of silence is a great help to rejuvenate the mind and calm the body. What sleep does to our body; silence does for our mind and spirit. The silence is however not a state of negation, a state merely of idling time. It is experienced only when the whole being has been unified and in perfect rhythm.

Success depends on how we work, whether we put our best into each thought and action. We should order our mind, gather up scattered forces and maintain equilibrium; and we cannot do it unless we withdraw at intervals from the haste and noise of the outside world. That is why yogis and sages consider silence as essential to their spiritual progress. Silence enables us to store up a great deal of life force which we now spend in talking or arguing endlessly. We wear ourselves and others in trying to win arguments, in which neither wins and are more convinced of their own point’s .We say bitter things which might better be left unsaid. We also dull the mind and lessen its power of concentration and penetration. All spiritual vision and deeper understanding are unfolded in the hours of silent reflection. It is in the moment of silence that we hear the voice of GOD. When our ears hear the loud voices of the world, we cannot know that another voice is speaking in our heart. Therefore, those who have experienced Truth will not try to make their voices heard, they ill watch silently and be detached.

Those who brag and are egocentric will never be successful. Egocentric people are those who think they are the SUN and others are planets or dust revolving and rotating around them.

The successful man is always humble and silent. The greatest good is not done by the talker, but by one who is silent when he is in work, concentrating and blissfully unaware of the surroundings. In silence we are able to think better and are able to express ourselves later more efficiently. We should refrain ourselves from gossip and should not encourage idle talk.

The practice of physical silence restores our body and sense organs. The practice of mental silence refreshes our minds and quickens our inner faculties. The power gained thus will be tremendous. Only still waters reflect perfect image. If for a few moments each day, we practice silence by cutting out the noise and thoughts of the mind, we will be able to master the mind and become a mastermind.