Monday, January 10, 2011



Nothing is wrong with us. Where there is a will, there is a Way. At first, we desire
for some thing. The desire then becomes very strong enough that we want it ever so badly. This desire gets fulfilled if it is strengthened by the prayer to God and then it is converted into the almighty will of god.

We humans are playing the game of life. It is like a video game where there are many levels. We can rise up to the top level if we choose. We are not weak or Helpless. Every Strength and Power lies within us. God vision is with us, the very moment we desire it with concentration. But most of us do not even bother to try earnestly. Once we take a small step towards God, God will take ten steps towards us. Trust in God and submission to the supreme will in all circumstances means the vision of truth, vision of the root principle of all creation. If god wills, some say, but that will take place only if we humans assert our own all-powerful will. The way to arise above all is to awaken the inherent power and splendor of our soul. Do it. We are verily the immortal truth; the great, deathless and changeless reality.

If the passions and emotions are not controlled in the early years of life it is impossible later to win over them in middle age or after reaching old age. This does not mean, of course, that while young we should sit tight in one place with our attention concentrated on the nose and its breathing process. It means only that all activities-playing games, singing, reading books, performing daily rites must foster and promote the quality of forbearance. As a result of this, atmashakthi, the potency of the atma or soul can be made patent.

We must discipline ourselves. By this process, leading an orderly life in clean surroundings and having certain aims and goals in life humans will become fit to be leaders in the manifold fields of service to the people and successful in every venture they undertake. Our disciplined lives will pave our way to success. Discipline and a strong urge to be successful will naturally help us attain an iron will which can not be broken up by any sort of obstacles, for example Mahatma  Gandhi who won independence for an entire nation ,who never bent under extreme pressure ,for whom work was worship. Get up, shed your fears and awake to freedom, because it is only our fear that is stopping us from achieving great goals in life.

It is often said that divinity cannot be comprehended by man, unless God lays his unseen hand on him and helps him to do so. We should put entire trust in god, Act without being affected by fear [fear of failing, fear of unknown, fear of being rebuked or ridiculed].
Put away your qualms and be determined not to slow down. Take the rein in your hand. Be the charioteer, in control of your senses and Win .In one moment, we shall leap toward success and freedom, freedom from fear which is the greatest obstacle in life.

To the man sunk in the mire of this world, floundering in the quicksand of sensual temptations, God is a distant possibility, far beyond the horizon of everyday experience. To the sadhaka, or aspirant, God is more real, but still a distant goal that has to be reached after trekking a long weary path. To the yogi, God is someone high up above, someone who has to be pleased, so that he may earn from Him the fruits of his yogic practices. But to the devotee or Bhaktha God is something totally different. To him, God is the nearest, the dearest, his beloved, his own dear self. So we should try to be the nearest to God a Bhaktha or Devotee and God shall ever be with us, guiding us always in every step, and prompting us in the right step towards success.

Life’s anxieties touch man with a gnawing distress. For every person a time comes when every thing fails, when he sinks into the gulf of utter blackness, an hour when he would give all he owns for a single ray of hope, for one signature of God, but all will not be  lost
if we trust in God, He will not forsake us because God helps those who help themselves.

Transformations in ordinary lives have been witnessed in history. This magical transformation took place because the winners
  • Chose to trust God
  • Disciplined their lives
  • Developed  a strong urge or aim
  • Converted human will to God’s will by earnest prayer.
So Arise, Awake and Stop not till your goal is reached. Nothing is stopping you except your own self. Shed your fear. Shape up an aim and think of it day and night, giving all your energy and hard work coupled with prayer. Then nothing will deter you or block your success. Your transformation will be complete. Humans can succeed by implicitly following god’s teachings [the paths are many, but the Goal is one], by one pointed concentration on goals in life. Where there is a will, there is a way.