Friday, February 18, 2011

“Yatha deepo nivasastho
Nengathe sopama smrutha
Yogino yatha chithasya
Yujjatho yogamathmanaha”
Even as a lamp placed in a place free from any breeze does not flicker-this is the simile for a yogi with a controlled mind and an enlightened and spiritually enlifted personality.

Krishna is the supreme avatar of Lord MahaVishnu. He is known as paripoorna avatar. Lord Krishna gave advice to Arjun in the battlefield of kurukshetra in the form of verses known as the Bhagavad Gita.

Learning the Gita is itself a gigantic step towards spiritual enlightenment. Understanding the meanings of the verses in he Gita and practicing it in daily life will surely save man from the troubles and strife of daily life and elevate him to a higher zone, where he will understand the true meaning and aims of life given as a blessing to the soul of man.

To take birth as a human being is itself the greatest gift and time should not be wasted running after materialistic comforts and being mesmerized by the illusionary glitz and glamour of this world which is not ever lasting. If man loses himself in the world and its temporary comforts, he is sure to lose himself and his elevated position of a human being which has been given by God to realize his true nature.

Lord Krishna took the human form to be among his devotes and make them realize the goal of human life by practicing what he preached. He underwent many trying circumstances and bore them all patiently to show that patience pays.

Lord Krishna is the supreme power in this universe. He could have killed Duryodhana with his chakra. But he undertook the role of a messenger and went to Duryodhana’s palace and suffered many insults just to promote peace and stop an impending war instead of taking to arms at the slightest provocation.

Man has to learn a great lesson from this act of Lord Krishna. The Lord, though he had ultimate power in his hands did not get angry or irritated and waited patiently for Duryodhana’s answer. This incident shows how God is extremely patient and kind and forgives all of man’s sins, if man prays with a sincere heart.

Today man is not patient at all. He takes to argument within the family and couples divorce due o ego, selfishness and other trivial reasons without bothering or caring for the welfare of children. Couples separate for silly reasons because they have not understood the real meaning of love at all, which is sacrifice.

Terrorism makes the world shudder with fright and each day passes with news of fighting’s, killings and bomb blasts. Man’s life in this world is in a state of uncertainty and this is caused by man himself.

Everyone must find time to read and understand the meaning of Bhagavad Gita in order to become better human beings and transform their lives from ordinary persons to super heroes.