Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your reality is the atma, a wave of the paramathma (universal divinity).The one object of the human existence is to visualize that reality, that atma, the relationship between the wave and the sea. All other activities are trivial. You share them with birds and beasts. But this is the unique privilege of man. He has clambered through all the steps of the ladder of evolution in order to inherit this high destiny.
                                                  Sathyasai speaks 6, page.224

Spiritual realization must be the goal of every human being, because, human birth is a privilege and only humans are given a mind to analyse, repent and contemplate on god who is present in the form of conscience in his heart. The soul of the man is a spark of divinity which gives love, light and joy. Self realization is a state achieved by man when he realizes that he is part of the divine whole. Moksha is a state of divine joy when grief dies and no more exists.

Man does not belong to his physical body, rather he is a soul trapped in the body, because of his past karma. Mans innate divine nature yearns for infinite joy got by merging in nature. That is why most people become emotional and cry when they pray at holy places

One need not become old or lose one’s physical body to attain liberation. When man understands the divine nature of his soul and recognizes everyone as part of universal whole, and uproots his vices and reduces his desires, then he become truly liberated. Ego and desires are obstacles which hinder a man’s insight into his soul and stop him recognizing every other creature as reflections of his own nature.

Bondage is the opposite of liberation. Bondage is cased by attachment and desires. Our imaginations and ego create fears which obscure our clear visions and stop us from recognizing others as part of the divine. Reducing desires and loving selflessly can help man to progress spiritually and attain a liberated soul.

When man awakes from a bad dream, he is highly relieved. Likewise man will be highly relieved when he realizes the true nature of his soul. He can achieve this only by selfless love, when he feels joys or sorrows as his own. When his ego separates and heart is unified with the co-souls of the universe. That is the moment of liberation, when the illusion of bondage is removed. Spiritual liberation makes a soul shine forth and makes a man reflect the true nature of God within him. He is then revered by all and his life will become an inspiring ideal for the rest of mankind to follow. God will be present in such a man.