Monday, March 14, 2011

The Way Of Contemplation - Dhyaana Yoga
The blessed lord declares that a person who does work without desiring for the result is a yogi as well as a sanyasi. Action alone is the means for a sanyasi who wants to be a yogi. When a person gives up all desires and is no longer attached to sense objects or actions, then he attains yoga.

The self is a friend to one who has controlled his body and senses but to a person who has no control, the self is the enemy. Only a person who has self control will be serene like a steady flame during happiness or misery heat or cold, and in honor or dishonor. To a real yogi who is spiritually realized, who is steady and who has senses under control, a stone and precious stone will be alike, a pebble and gold will have the same value.

A yogi will look upon equally on a friend, and enemy a neutral, a hateful person, a relative the good and the sinful. To the yogi, all are the reflections of the same whole. Lord Krishna says that the yogi should live alone and concentrate with his mind. He should sit in a clean spot, neither too low nor high on a seat made of kushagrass, skin, and cloth one on the top of the other, with the mind and senses under control, concentrating to practice yoga for purifying the mind.

The yogi should hold the trunk, head and neck erect and steady and look on the tip of his nose, without becoming restless and concentrate on God as the supreme goal. Thus the yogi if he constantly practices this form of meditation attains peace which will finally enable him to abide in god.

A person who eats either too much or nothing at all, who sleeps too much, or does not sleep at all, cannot be a yogi. A yogi is one who does not get distracted and who is self satisfied and one who sticks do the truth even when affected by great pain, eg: Saint Alphonsa.. The yogi with a steady mind, who is sinless and identifies with Brahman, achieves supreme bliss. Such a yogi is always absorbed in the supreme God and views the self in all beings in the self.

The lord says that the person who recognizes all beings as part of him does not forget god nor does God forget him. A Person who feels pains of others and joins in the pleasure of all is the best yogi, according to Lord Krishna.
Arjuna tells lord Krishna that he is unable to control his mind. To this the Lord replies that one can control the mind through practice and dispassion. Arjuna asks Lord Krishna about the fate of a person who fails in the path of yoga. Lord Krishna assures him that such a person will not be destroyed but will be born again in the house of the pure and prosperous or in a house of yogis from where he will strive to attain God. A yogi is perfected through many births and attains god. Lord Krishna says that the yogi is greater than the wise, and greater than the person who is devoted to work. According to Lord Krishna the yogi who is absorbed in God is the greatest, so Krishna asks Arjuna to become a yogi.