Saturday, April 30, 2011

A glimpse of the 10th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Vibhuti Yoga

Bhagavad Gita- 10th Chapter

Vibhuti Yoga – Meditation On The Divine Glories

The lord tells Arjuna that he is going to reveal his supreme presence and that Arjuna will be delighted. The lord says that sages or gods do not know him completely because he is the one who created them and if any person realizes the truth that He is birth less and without beginning and eternal, and then he is freed of all bonding and karma.

The Lord Krishna declares that abundance, knowledge, discrimination, non delusion, forgiveness, peace, honesty, self control, happiness, misery, fear, fearlessness, contentment, austerity, charity, fame, ill fame and equanimity are different attitudes which  present in all beings and born of Him. The lord says that all the people in the world are the descendents of Manus and great sages who were born of His mind i.e. God created them with mental power and the rest of the people in the world are the descendents of those born of his will and any man who realizes this will attain the power of steadfast yoga.

The Lord says that those who are devoted to him talk about the glory of God with each other and derive pleasure out of it and they are blessed by the Lord when he destroys their ignorance by the light of knowledge and they attain the Lord with the power and yoga of understanding. The lord blesses them by residing in their intellect so that they are not led away or distracted.

Arjuna tells the Lord Krishna that he is the supreme God whose powers are extolled by great sages like Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa who praise him to be eternal, birth less, omnipresent, and the supreme universal God. Arjuna requests lord Krishna to teach him the methods of meditating upon the lord and reveal his glories because he is not satisfied and wants to hear more glories of the Lord.

The lord begins to explain and he says that he is the self in the minds of all beings and Vishnu of Adityas, the Sun among the radiant and shining, Marichi among Maruts and Moon among satellites. He is the Sama Veda among the Vedas, Indra among Gods, and Mind in the category of senses and consciousness in beings. He is Shankara of the Rudras, Kubera among Yaksha and Rakshasas, Fire among Vasus and Mount Meru among mountains.

The lord says that He is Brihaspati among priests, Skanda or Muruga among army leaders, and ocean among reservoirs of water. He is Bhrigu, Om among monosyllables, Japa in sacrifices and the Himalayas among immovable mountains.

The lord is the Ashvattha [peepul tree], Narada among divine sages, Chithraratha among Gandharvas and saint Kapila among perfect souls.

The lord says that He is the divine horse Uchchaihshravas who came out as a result of churing the Milky Way. He is the Airavat [white elephant] among elephants. He is the king among men.

Lord Krishna says that he is the thunderbolt, and kamadhenu among cows. He is the passion and Vasuki among poisonous serpents. He is Anantha, the non poisonous snake on whom the Lord Maha Vishnu rests. He is varuna the lord of the ocean and seas. The lord is Aryaman among manes and Yama among regulators. Prahlada is he and so is time. He is the Lion, the king of animals and Garuda among birds.

The Lord explains that he is the wind, Lord Rama who wields weapons, the makara among fish and the sacred river Ganga. He says that he is the creation, metaphysics, and the constructive reasoning of the controversialists. He is the letter A, he Dvandva among compounds, the universal dispenser and time. The lord is death, prosperity in the rich and in women He is fame, prosperity, memory, speech, intelligence, fortitude and forgiveness.

The Lord is the Brihat sama of the vedic lyrics, the Gayatri of meters, Agrahayana among months and the spring season. The Lord is prowess of the powerful, victory, effort and goodness of good people. He is Vasudeva among Vrishnis, Arjuna among pandavas, Vyasa among sages and the seer Ushanasamong seers.

The Lord says that he is the punishing rod, the policy of victorious people, silence of secrets, and the knowledge of the wise. The Lord declares that he is the germ of all beings without which nothing can exist.

The Lord says that he has stated about his glories in brief and whatever is excellent and above par is born out of his splendor. The Lord also says that the universe which itself is beyond man is only a small portion of His self. Man cannot comprehend the majesty of the Lord.