Monday, September 12, 2011

Dwarakadeesh Sri Krishna, the true God

Lord Krishna has clearly shown the way to peace of mind and spiritual liberation. A man should ask himself before taking an important decision whether he is doing it for satisfying ego, anger, selfishness, lust or greed. If the answer is in the positive, he should try to reform his attitude and try to include selfless objectives and also dedicate his actions to God, so that he is not attached to his karma and then he will be liberated form the cycle of birth and death.

True moksha or enlightenment as experienced by the Buddha and Jesus is the complete reformation of the mind and the realisation of the supreme GOD within the soul. A man should try to limit desires, enlarge his mind and love all irrespective of earlier prejudices, hatred or animosity. If a mna attempts to love his enemy, GOD will forgive his misakes and he will not have to face the judgement of the angels in the supreme court according to the holy Quran.