Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top three sites that pay you to write - May 2012

I have experimented with various writing sites that pay revenue share. I always do a search every month and join the best sites. Based on my experience and general writer opinion, I am giving you details about the top three writing sites as of May 2012.

1. Experts column - The best site that pays exactly as it claims. The payment threshold is easy to reach- five dollars. Dedicated writers can make up to five dollars a day if they write about five articles- the minimum word count is 300. One can republish old articles. The good thing is that on need not bother about promoting the articles. Join now and reap benefits.

2. Expose knowledge - The site pays you money for writing articles, tips and other reviews. It  is very easy to work for and icing is that you get a fixed 3$ for 1000 views which is easily reached. There is no backbiting or competition. it is all about hard work and success. Join now to get paid. The minimum is 10$ which can be got by writing ten quality articles just like that.

3. Knoji - The best site, ranked high by Google, it is really worth the effort. A writer has to submit articles, get approved by the webmaster and get up to 2$ as activity bonus plus revenue share. The site has now launched product reviews and coupon share. A person who reviews you coupon link could get you 10 dollars. Please do not ignore this site. There is no minimum payout and you get paid even if the monthly earnings is 1$. Join now to get  paid.

Please join these sites and make a neat amount of money. All the best. I will post updates regularly.