Monday, June 18, 2012

GOD and me

Why do we pray? People tend to pray when they are in trouble. Even the hardest of atheists will appeal to a higher power when in deep trouble. What does this indicate? There is a higher power indeed ho created you, me and all the wonderful forms of life on the Earth. The higher power is what is present in all beings as life force. The awareness of this force awards true liberation from ego, misery, jealousy, desire, greed, selfishness and other vices. When we become aware that we are but part of the universal power which is present in all, then how we will ever able to feel jealous or greedy of others? Such a state of mind can be achieved by one if spiritual awareness sets in. Even so called atheists may have a like state of mind without being aware of it. Such a person is valued by GOD more than he who only preaches but does not practice. Therefore to become dear to GOD, we should follow his commandments.