Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to deal with obstinate people including kids

Can we make everyone happy? Never, whatever we do, someone or other will be displeased with our work. It is not necessary to please everyone in order to become successful. That kind of situation will never occur. However, one can present matters in such a way that almost all are satisfied and do not raise objections. Some may call that adjustment, but adjustments are required to live in a society. It does not mean that one should be too humble or sacrificing to please all. We cannot please all people at a time. It should also be remembered that one’s aims and life are much more important than other’s displeasure or impertinence. Some people tend to rule others and try to assert their opinions and ideas. Such people should not be tolerated under any circumstance. If we give in once or twice, they will take it as an assent towards their dictatorial behavior. If we object, they may try to make trouble once or twice but they will not dare to provoke again. This is the way to deal with such obstinate people and children too.