Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sai Baba Teachings - How to get peace of mind?

Bhagawan says that all Forms are mine. Once revealing His true identity, Bhagawan said, “You know who I am? Sarva Roopa Dharam Shantam - I assume all the Forms yet I am Shantam.” What is Shanti? It is not the tranquility or peace that is determined by the amount of sugar in my cup of coffee, or that which fluctuates with whether I get recognition for my work or not. It is not that peace which goes up and down with the stock market. Bhagawan says: “Shanti is equanimity, to be equanimous in the face of duality and in the outcomes of duality in pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, success and failure – this is true Shanthi.”