Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips to become happy and Successful in life

Are you happy? What is happiness? Is it a state of mind? You need to be happy to become successful in life. Here are tips to make youhappy and successful in life.

*      Smile - Smiling makes you cheerful. Almost all people have face book accounts. Some of the posts really make you smile. Subscribe to pages that post funny updates.  A light heart relieves mental tensions and stress which is also good for the good health of a person.
*      Be positive. Always see the better side of things even if you are in the middle of deep trouble like falling down a cliff, at least you are not being carried off by a giant bird to be eaten.
*      Spread fragrance like a flower. It means that you should always be giving out positive thought vibrations so that whoever connects with you will interact positively and the meeting will be successful. This is true in cases of dating and interviews too.
*      Be like a lotus leaf. A lotus leaf does not absorb water even though it lies on it. You should not absorb negative vibrations or vices even if it is present in persons around you. Remaining detached yet doing one’s karma or action will help you live life without fear or misery.
*      Reduce desires. Desires will never end. A man who pursues one desire after another will never be satisfied with life. A contended life is the greatest wealth of man.
*      Self satisfaction and self confidence are very necessary to become successful. A person who is not satisfied with his work will always be in doubt or fear. Perfection is necessary but it does not mean that it should overwhelm the final goal.
*      Talk only when necessary. Too much of talking indicates lack of professionalism and laziness. Those who succeed are those who concentrate on their wok rather than talk their life away. Silence also helps the mind to concentrate on the work and helps the brain to become sharper.
*      Being happy does not mean that you should be grinning like the Cheshire cat in the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It means that you should not have depressive thoughts or wasteful worries. Why worry? Will worrying solve problems? It is better to think constructively and solve problems than have anxiety attacks.
*      Spend time with children. They give out the warmth and happiness that you may need badly. It could be in the park or a playground. The time spent there will restore your energy and you need not waste money on costly counseling sessions.

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Just after I posted this, I read an article by Sathya Sai Baba on happiness. I am simply moved. Do read it.