Saturday, August 4, 2012

How we can gain by being silent?

Observe silence, chant My name Talking expends a lot of energy. The tongue was given to be used for two purposes. To taste and enjoy food, Which is needed to keep the body healthy, To constantly recite the name of the Lord. But today, the tongue is used To slander one and hurt others. It is being used more to indulge in vicious gossip. To argue, to abuse and to lie, To sit and have meaningless conversations. To criticize even God. Why are you constantly persisting In humiliating your true self? Observe silence, And you will find That silence itself speaks a language. The language of eyes that are peaceful. The language of your smile that is content. Do not exhaust yourselves by talking. Every sentence spoken Leads to a series of other thoughts. Several thoughts crowd your mind, Leaving you restless and energyless. This releases only negative energy around you. This affects your practice of spirituality. Remember all the spiritual sadhanas Will be in vain if the tongue is not controlled. Do not respond to: 1) Others criticism. 2) An abuse. 3) A personal attack made on you. Observe silence, chant My name and let karma itself be its response. -Sri Sathya Sai Baba