Sunday, August 11, 2013

REDLR - the new my lot alternative

REDLR forum is a wonderful forum which is better than my lot and a lot of others put together. All my lotters, please note, if you sign up here, you are awarded points for posting. The build up is shown after each post. No one lines though. The minimum payout is 2.5$ through pay pal or perfect money for those who dont have paypal. So, people from neighboring countries which do not allow pay pal can also join and share the fun besides being paid. There is no restriction that disables a dedicated user. Please do sign up. I was hesitant at first when my friend asked me to join because I really do not have time but the site, its layout, the simplicity attracted me. If we sign as a referral, our money wont be touched because the person who is referring us will be paid once in points by the administrator. The referral should be active and post at least three posts the same day. So, if you are interested, do look over through my link. You can include my name there - sai light , if you are kind enough as the referrer. Many are being paid daily. Do check it out.


  1. im redlr member,that site awesome. two thumbs up..

    1. Nice to know that, how many times have you been paid?