Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to make my kid eat his veggies? - Read it

Kids do not usually like vegetables and are quite picky. They play with food and do not eat properly. Most students will try to find ways to dispose off their lunchbox food. Parents have to cope with this behavior and are quite frustrated. Dinner time is always one filled with pleadings, threats or blackmails in many houses.
How to make kids love food?

Presentation Matters
Do not give food that is bland in taste to kids. Try to innovate and create. Believe me, they will love their food. Children are attracted to colors. Try to cook dishes with colorful vegetables like carrots and beetroots. Mix and match also work. Kids love variety also. Giving the same dish everyday will make them bored and eating time will be war time. So, each meal should be a surprise for them. Now, don’t raise your eyebrows and think that I am nuts enough to expect you to make different dishes each time. Well, all I can say is the extra minutes of cooking is better than twenty minutes of pleading and wasting the food anyway. A lot of recipes are available online which includes Tiffin box ideas. So, try them and see the difference. You will be amazed at how quickly the kids adapt to the new menu. They will even offer to help in the kitchen.
Note: A tip I read in face book - proteins should be balanced. Too much of protein is bad. If you think you are eating too much protein, be sure to exercise properly. Otherwise it is harmful to the body. Make sure that your kids eat a balanced diet. Whatever is written is from my experience.

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