Saturday, October 26, 2013

My near death experience

 In the year 2005, I became pregnant for the second time. All were happy. I have a son and my husband wanted a girl very much. Two months passed a growing pain nagged me to visit the gynecologist. she did a scan and advised us to go for an operation without any delay because she said I had an ECTOPIC PREGNANCY where the fetus was neither in the tube nor in the uterus. That evening, I was admitted and had no feelings because I simply was in a daze. My doctor said that our age was the villain. Early next morning, the nurse came and gave me an injection. I actually felt very uneasy after that and I threw up. I felt all cold in my face and though it was not an AC room, I felt I was in one. At the same time, I was sweating profusely. The doctor who lived nearby, came rushing and one look at me made her arrange for an operation without delay. I remember telling the anesthetist not to open my mouth as I had not brushed and requested the nuns -sisters to place their hand on my tummy to pray for us. She was comforting me all the time and after that I blacked out. Later, after the operation, the doctor told us that my uterus had broken and blood from the heart had leaked into the body because a valve connects the heart and uterus it seems. Anyway, she said she had stitched up what was left of my uterus and told me I would never become pregnant again. That shattered my husband more than me. It took a lot of time for him to recover. Coming back to the title, death is not scary, it just is a slow and easy transition and I also saw my late father and grandfather looking down at me with worry. All the prayers saved me and now I am writing this. If you have read till this, do remember, if you want to have kids, have them before thirty.