Thursday, July 10, 2014

writers who copy are still earning shamelessly

There are many writing sites online. Before the advent of bubblews, there were many writers who earned the most from certain revenue sharing sites. The moderators in bubblews helped us see who were the cheaters and they were removed from the site. A lot of clean faces suddenly did not seem so clean.

Writers do read and reproduce content. However, copying word for word is not nice and it actually is cheating. On top of it, they are shameless and do not hesitate to threaten others who question their integrity.

I hope they are caught on other sites too otherwise the sites will suffer as such. Many sites cropped up inspired by the most successful ones but they failed because of such copiers and spammers.

Google and other such ad providers are wise. That is why the new Panda updates. If all realize this, it is good for them in the long run.