Sunday, January 16, 2011

Constant remembrance of God’s name is a complete spiritual enlightenment. It fosters the virtues of devotion, patience and faith.
We may not have enough spiritual power to rise in meditation to formless bliss. We may not have a devotional heart nor be able to perform dedicated service to society, but if we hold fast to the name of God, we can achieve great things.

Constant remembrance of the name is a complete spiritual enlightenment. It fosters the virtues of devotion, patience and faith. When we practice repeating God’s name, we will realize that God is within our hearts, ever joyful and ready to help. An inner voice will guide us and lead us to victory. We need not participate in a race to achieve victory, it also means winning other people’s hearts and loving all unselfishly.

Remembrance of God’s name also may require repeated attempts, but no effort will go in vain. Complete surrender and faith in the Lord require constant effort and hard work. But superficial efforts just to show off will not help. One need to repeat God’s name softly only. It should reflect our total devotion to achieving spiritual liberation. Our efforts have to be continuous; excuses will only hinder one’s progress. If we rub a bit of iron on a hard surface, it develops heat. If we rub it continuously it can be made red hot, but if we rub it after long intervals the iron becomes cold and the effort will become a waste. The work has to be repeated over again. Similarly, we should repeatedly say God’s name, simple but highly effective. It is better than learning complex mantras or running after gurus.

If we develop this practice of saying God’s name it enables us to win God’s grace and reach the goal. Many people complain that they cannot find time for this exercise. However, they find time for activities of less importance. A few minutes can be set aside for silent contemplation of God. If we do not find time during our youth to remember God’s name we may find it more difficult to practice in our old age.

The divine name must be said with reverence. We must be sincere and our actions must conform to our words. There is no use in reciting the name and expecting results if  we are not living in accordance with high standards of conduct.

Many teachers claim to know the truth, but few demonstrate Godly qualities. It is best to follow God directly in your heart. Have a pure heart, with little or no desires, a clean heart with no bad thoughts. If we are confident of having a good mind, then we can try listening to God’s voice which silently guides us when we are about to do something important. Only God can protect us in all circumstances and lead us to liberation.