Saturday, January 15, 2011

The key objective of education is the culture of the mind and the spirit. This is very much like agriculture, which provides food and clothing for man. We require dhaanya (grains) to sustain the body; we require dhyaana (meditation) to sustain the spirit. In agriculture, you prepare the soil, plant seeds, feed the plants with fertilisers, and reap the harvest. In ‘heart-culture’, we have to plough the hrudaya-kshetra (the field of the heart), remove the weeds and wild growth, and plant the seeds. The weeds are pernicious tendencies, attitudes and habits; the fertilisers are devotion and dedication. Water to help the plant grow is the quality of love. The seeds are the names of God, which are deposited within the purified heart. The harvest which is the reward of all this spiritual discipline is wisdom.
- Divine Discourse, Jan 5 1985.