Friday, January 14, 2011

In the modern era, one is able to hear and see live shows through media. Likewise if one tunes his heart accordingly, then the presence of God will be felt. Some people do not believe God. They have doubts on every matter related to God and spirituality. Such people even give lectures declining the presence of God. They do not pause to think about what they take for granted. The small cell or battery for instance gives energy for some instruments like a watch to work. Where does this energy come from?
It comes from God. But some do not bother to ponder and live life without thinking about the secrets of life in this world. Rather, some live like animals, even worse. Man has an innate power within him, a power that is locked by him because of not trying to unravel the secrets. However much the atheists explain there are some questions that cannot be answered by science.
In these days, man does not believe in himself or others around him. Nearly everyone is suspicious about others. Trust has become a word of the past. Persons who do not believe others cannot believe God, because He resides in the heart of man, not in the sky or space.
What is wanted is a strong belief, which should be built on rock. Those who have a monkey mind cannot get God’s grace, because fickle minds are not accepted. What God searches for is a pure, strong and an untarnished mind. The mind should be filled with good thoughts. It should be like a room which is filled with scented flowers or incense. It should be clean for God to enter it and stay forever. If God becomes one’s friend then rest assure that one has got the best friend for life. God cares for us, looking after every need, chiding if necessary and leading the way to a proper goal. His voice can be heard only in silence which means, the mind should be devoid of bad thoughts and desires. Thoughts travel fast, so control them before they transform into words and actions. Only when desires are reduced, man can live a proper life without many debts. As soon as desires are reduced, God will see to it that basic wants are fulfilled. Peace of mind will be obtained only if man gives up exorbitant wants.
 If one wants to meditate then he must observe the beauty of the nature around him. The presence of God can be felt if you silently observe nature around you, alone and without any modern disturbances.
There is a story about a person who went to a sage to learn meditation. The sage asked the man to observe nature for one week and come back to him. After one week the sage asked the man what sounds he had heard and the man replied that he heard birds chirping. The sage told him to go back and come after another week of observation. After a week, the man replied to the sage’s query that he had heard a near by stream gurgling. He was sent back again. He came back jubilant after a week and told the sage that he could now hear even a single leaf rustling. Then the sage told him that this was meditation, the shutting down of mind and concentrating solely on the object of meditation. If one thinks of God unconsciously and continuously, then he or she is truly a yogi or sage, even though living in society. This type of person will have the power of thousand elephants and will be really brave, ready to face any criticism or challenge. A true devotee of God will have three qualities- purity, enthusiasm and patience. These type of people should serve society by trying to transform the dushta buddhi’s[ bad minded people]. They should be ready to face any consequences and bravely reform the selfish minded, money cheaters, ego centric and crooks. It is up to the believers in God to make this world beautiful and free it from war, terrorism, pollution, corruption and many vices present in today’s society. Save the Earth for the children of tomorrow and everyone will be safe, no one will sorrow.