Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We can learn a lot by observing man’s behavior. There are various hues and colors to it. Even a life time will not be enough to study human attitudes and expressions.

Suppose a man does a good deed like feeding the poor, he will want to spread the word immediately that he has done so, so as to get praise. Just opposite of this is the case of a man who may have committed a sin and he will not want a soul to know. Another aspect is that if we want to do a good deed we will postpone it for a long time as if our lifetime is very long, and if we want to do a bad deed like spreading gossip, we will not postpone it and will spread word around like wildfire.

What do understand from this? If we study our own behavior, we shall be able to understand our flaws, our shortcomings and our weaknesses. We must assess and study our mind to improve the self if we want to progress spiritually. We can do this by silently contemplating on our thoughts in a secluded place without any disturbances. Such an evaluation would help us better than any guru. If we are on the road to self improvement, then God himself will be walking toward us and guide us. If, on the other hand we scorn all this, we may never be able to escape from the clutches of maya or illusion. Maya or illusion is what envelops the mind, masking the innate divine nature of a human. To escape from this magic one must develop the art of concentration and focus on the real soul behind the mind.

A human being’s mind is usually filled with thoughts, ideas, plans and memories and what not. Some people are strong enough to resist the impulsive behavior of the mind and control it. If we learn to control the mind, then we shall be called karma yogis. One need not reside in a forest to be called a yogi. God assigns a degree of membership level to the spiritual aspirants. A person can live in society but can deserve to be called a yogi because of his detachment to his actions and by his exemplary behavior.

We must first try to master the mind and make it our slave. We can do that by controlling our five senses. How?
*      By seeing only good things
*      By hearing only good matters [you have the right to turn away from bad shows or people who speak foul language because negative energy might enter you also.]
*      By eating only fresh food, and pray before eating because this alleviates the bad energy of the person who must have made the dish.].
*      By not suffocating yourself with bad odors. It also means that one must always be clean and fresh so as not to put off others.
*      By having contact with positive minded people who give out a special energy that will boost you.  
These instructions if followed will certainly help you gain control over your mind which means power. If we want to progress in any field we must work hard and complement it with our own effort of controlling our senses. Gradually our impulsive behavior will cease and we will have a more mature and successful personality.