Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What are desires? They are impulses that spring in the mind and make us want for things. 
Desires in the mind are impediments in man’s progress towards a spiritual life. Man is unable to think clearly and positively because he is jumping from one desire to another.

When a desire for a particular object is not righteous, it dulls the mind and intelligence becomes perverted. Such a man does not bother about the means to achieve his end. Desires sharpen the hunger of senses and portray a false image of this world.

A man with excessive desire has a certain man look in his eyes which any woman of good nature will be able instantly recognize. This is harmful to him because his image will become tarnished and he shall lose his credibility.

To live a proper and humane life, man must give up irrational and immoral desires. He must realize that every person is part of the universal soul called God. God has made humans with blood of same color and a mind very similar. That is why all humans cry when sad and laugh when happy. All share the same emotions, so why betray and cheat one another? Nobody gains anything by cheating others. Temporary gains will never last if they are not attained through right means.

The chief means to detach one self from desires are yoga and renunciation. Desires have to be got rid by detachment and sacrifice. God has to be seated in the human heart to be saved from this vicious cycle of Desire-Obsession-Frenzy-Wrong methods-Deviation from God.

Man must engage in self examination always to check his mind to see if his heart is full of excessive desires. He must evaluate whether he really needs the object of his desires. If the passions and emotions are not controlled in the younger age itself, it will be impossible to win them over in old age. A disciplined and orderly life will grant a person full success in all his undertakings and make him near to God. This means that he will have an edge over others in life and thereafter.

Concentrating on nature, taking deep breaths, practicing yogic methods and praying regularly with single minded devotion will help elevate the human mind. A controlled mind will not waver when storms occur. It will stand upright. A true yogi is one who is never disturbed by his surroundings. Such a position is hard to attain, but if got, man will never turn back. He will never go to a lower level again. Raja Janaka , the father of Seetha [wife of SriRam] was an example of a raja yogi. He lived in the midst oh high comforts, but he was detached.

Renouncing desires will help a person regain his peace of mind and give him eternal happiness. He need not worry about his future because God will look after his wants forever. Meditation and Yoga can be practiced to attain this position.