Wednesday, January 19, 2011

People preach that they trust in god completely. But when trouble arises, they grumble and lose faith. Faith is not something to be treated lightly. It should be total and complete. If we say we have faith in the Lord, and then we must be true to our words, otherwise this is against the rule of self surrender.

God knows what is best. He is not at all responsible for any trouble that people suffer. They experience problems because they have committed sins. Troubles and tears are a means to wash away the sins. God will not leave us in times of trouble. He will carry us and give us strength and inner peace to bear with them.

Repeat the name of God, remember Him always and look up a holy book like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita and other holy books. Whenever a troubling thought enters into the mind, pray, open a random page and read and to your surprise, God will answer your query.

We must trust in the divine will and believe God more than material comforts because they are transitory. When we trust God completely, our trust grows with divine experiences. God’s unseen hand will be felt in every success that comes to you. What others preach or say cannot be wholly understood or felt. We have to be simple hearted and pure to experience divinity. Good thoughts are a prerequisite and necessity. We must prove to God that we are worthy of his blessings. An upturned pot or a pot full of holes cannot hold water. Similarly, man’s mind must not have the holes of jealousy, anger, ego, immoral thoughts etc. When our mind is clean then God will come to reside in our heart and bless us. Even if we were to stray, he will bring us back to the right path.

Some people sway like dry leaves at the smallest signs of trouble. People must face difficulties with great strength and stay devoted to God; otherwise we will be cut off because we are not worthy of his trials and rewards. Whatever our situation is, it does not matter. We must look into our mind and find answers by asking our conscience, because that is where God resides. We should unlock the door in our heart where the light of God is lit and then this light will spread into our lives. This is a first hand experience based view of mine. I have gone through terrible [and I mean it] times, but my trust in god never has let me down. I am alive and writing this article because God saved my life and changed the line of fate in my hand.

Any situation that we may face [life is not a bed of roses] must be faced with determination and total trust in God. Leave it to Him, why fear when God is here. God is your only true best friend, all others have motives, but God helps selflessly. So believe completely in God. He will never let you down.