Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is divine discipline? It is the road that leads to spiritual progress of the human soul. A man has to be disciplined in his life if wants to achieve anything for that matter.

Discipline means an order and proper way of doing things. A person who has an idea of what he or she wants to do will always be successful and prepared also for any unexpected occurrences. They will never falter at the slightest provocation or disturbance.

Spiritual enlightenment occurs when the mind is ready for contact with the divine voice and prepared to receive instructions. How and when will our mind be ready?

  1. Removal of negative feelings and thoughts- we should completely transform our mind by uprooting bad thoughts and feelings by constantly reminding ourselves that all beings are part of the universal soul called God and we have no right to criticize or harm another person.
  2. Contemplation of God is a must- Those who want to climb the ladder must spend some time on thinking of God. If they find it difficult to concentrate, they should find a lonely spot near the beauty of nature and admire the sights silently praising God’s creations. When we try to see the beauty of nature, our minds will be cleansed and we shall appreciate God’s hand in all creation. Concentration will be achieved and our mind will become more calm and ready to face any hardships. All troubles are only a means to make us more close to God.
  3. Make a time table- We must make a time table to bring order into our lives. If we can spend hours of our time for entertainment, we must also spend at least a few minutes of prayer to God. Early morning and evening are perfect times to kneel and pray. The place is not important but the mind must try to have complete concentration in God. It is of no use to shout aloud and show off. God is only concerned with the feelings behind the prayer.
  4. Service- Service to man is service to God. Man must realize that every heart will contain God and that each human being is only a reflection of the divine soul. All human beings share the same set of emotions, so this proves the fact that all humans are made of the same mould. Only those ho accept this fact will be eligible for spiritual progress.
  5. Patience- this is a quality which you must have to continue being fit for the divine destiny. Only those who patiently suffer any form of rebuke or ridicule and not react are considered to be blessed.
These principles are the backbone of divine discipline. If we want to become closer to God we must try hard. When we do, God will most certainly help us and guide us to become his instruments for making this world wonderful again.