Friday, January 21, 2011

Satisfaction Is The Greatest Tonic For Health. When people are contended with what they have, then the web of desire stops ensnaring them and man feels free. This feeling of freedom enhances both physical and mental wll being.

Man today suffers from various diseases both physical and mental. What is the reason for it? We must not only take care of both body and mind, but also have a healthy inner self in order to have a total well-being. Then only can we succeed in all our ventures.

Health is the greatest wealth. A man who has no health cannot achieve anything fruitful. The animals that roam about freely appear to be happy. The reason is that they are always satisfied. The animal world remains healthy and strong because of their intake of natural food. Man, who is obsessed with taste and pleasure, sometimes overcooks his food and this takes away all life giving substances from his food. So, we must try to include more nutritious, fresher items like fruits and vegetables in our menu. Fast food affects mental health in a great way because spices can induce unwanted reactions. Mental tensions can be aggravated by such intake. So reduce fast food for a calm mind and a healthy body.

Inculcation of sacred ideas and selfless service is much needed in today’s society. Only then people will be able to understand true nature of man’s life and his divinity. Everyone wants inner peace. What is peace? I want peace, all say- remove the I and remove the want, then you shall have peace alone. Peace is something that is sacred, which has to originate from within our mind. It is obtained when we relinquish our unwanted desires and become satisfied with what we have. Satisfaction is the greatest tonic for health. If man has a healthy mind and a healthy body, he is the wealthiest person. If all were to follow this principle society in itself would be far better of.

Greed, ego and thirst for becoming number one in society has led man to always crave for more and not satisfied with what he has. Love has vanished from most hearts, even between spouses. What is there in it for me? This is the question most people ask if asked for help. Selfless service is absent. Only if we become a better human being with a controlled mind, with reduced desires, eat fresh and healthy food with no addictions and help others with no ulterior motives will we progress to being the perfect human being. Such people are the greatest need in this society to sustain it from accelerated slide to destruction. Therefore satisfaction is the underlying principle behind a healthy mind and such minds will lead the world soon.