Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Human values are most important in today’s life. Lack of these values makes man lead a life that is not suited to his real nature. There are two types, inner and exterior. Anger greed, lust, desire, competitive spirit, selfish motives, jealousy etc; are exterior nature. Truth, righteousness, peace, love, non-violence belong to inner nature of man.

Man must adhere to truth. If he lives according to the principles of truth, then he will naturally be righteous in nature and have peace of mind. This will allow love to bloom in the heart. When such love expresses itself through the unselfish acts of man, then non-violence will prevail. Such a situation is the need of the day, because clashes and terrorism are still prevalent in the world.

Unhealthy habits must be relinquished and love for all should b the motto. Love should replace hate. The feeling of hate springs because man thinks of others as different from him. All are part of the universal soul and man must regard everybody as his own. Such feelings may be hard to adopt at first, but be aware that for a prayer to become effective, man must not harbor any bad feelings of hate, jealousy, greed etc; in his mind.

The feeling of love when fully developed removes jealousy, greed and hate. Bad feelings are uprooted with the help of love. When man loves a person, it does not reduce the space in his heart. True love increases with distribution. In today’s stressed world, where countries are ready to bomb, terrorists are willing to wipe out entire cities, and families are dissolved because of selfishness and ego, love is the only factor which can be a remedy for all solutions. Love should unite all people to ensure the continuation of the human race. Such love should spring from the heart which should be free from selfishness and ego. If the principle of love is pursued and practiced by man, then this world will become beautiful and wonderful once again.