Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Suffering reminds man of God. It urges man to pray for quick relief. Man turns inward, forgets the physical surroundings and prays to God, searching for spiritual guidance and relief.

Suffering is caused mainly because of desires and attachment to it. When wants are not fulfilled, then pain and misery is felt which is called suffering. Past misdeeds also cause man grief. Bad karma is like unpaid debt which follows man in the form of suffering

Man is often tested for his devotion through trials in life. God tests man to see if he is ready to progress spiritually. If a person is ready to meet challenges, then he wins God’s grace. Man is closely watched by God during difficult times to see whether he shows strength and to determine his faith in God when obstacles arise.

Suffering transforms a man. It makes him more compassionate and aware of his real nature within. The materialistic world and its attachments bring only misery to man. Just as the diamond is cut to add luster and gold is melted to make beautiful ornaments, man undergoes suffering so that he is awakened from ‘sleep’ to attain self realization.

Inner peace alone grants eternal and unbounded joy. Detachment, steady prayers, faith, confidence and lack of disappointment when obstacles arise paves the way to God realization. Those who suffer have god’s grace. Those who make self enquiries when they suffer, escape misery because they will realize the futility of the world which is unreal. Suffering is a reminder for man to press on till he reaches the goal of self realization. Man should not be engulfed by misery, otherwise he will be lost. Instead he should rely on God as a guide to lead him through this life.