Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bhagavad Gita- 8th Chapter

The way to the supreme spirit- Akshara Brahma Yoga

Arjuna asks Lord Krishna what AdhiBhuta and AdhiDaiva is. He asks Krishna, the slayer of madhu who Adhiyajna is and how the feet of the lord can be attained by those who have self control at the moment of death.

Lord Krishna replies that Brahman is the highest imperishable principle. The Adhyatma is the imperishable soul. The perishable are called AdhiBhuta and AdhiDaiva is the cosmic eternal being. Lord Krishna says that He is the embodied Adhiyajna and also remarks that those people who remember God at the time of leaving the body attain God.

A person attains the subject of his thought at the time of his death. So remembering God at all moments and being devoted to him will allow a person to reach God in the end. If a person practices constant meditation of God, through yoga merges in the infinite all knowing God who is omnipresent and shines like the Sun.

The Lord tells Arjuna that He shall tell about how a person should reach the infinite God. Lord Krishna says that a person should control his sense organs and fix the breath in his head, enter into deep meditation by repeating OM the Universal Brahman and think of God and attain Him.

Lord Krishna says that He is easily accessible to those who think of God always and reduces desires. Those who attain god do not have to take birth in any form because they will reach the land of eternity or of no return. The lord explains that even the Brahmaloka has to undergo birth and death and repeat itself through yugas but the abode of eternal Brahman is everlasting and having attained it, a person will be freed from the cycle of birth and death.

A day in Brahmaloka covers a thousand yugas and when it is night all the beings merge in Brahmaloka and will be born again but that which does not have birth and death and does not perish is God’s abode. The lord says that if a person thinks of god and passes away during the day, the bright half of the lunar month, the first six months of the Sun’s northern course, he will not be born again in the miserable world.

If a person dies in the night, the dark half of the lunar month and the six months of the sun’s southern route, he shall return to the Earth to be born again connected o the object of his thought during death.

The lord declares that a yogi understands the concepts and will attain the abode of God surely and certainly.