Monday, April 4, 2011

Bhagavad Gita-9th Chapter

Rajavidya Rajaguhyayoga- the way of royal knowledge and royal secret.

The Lord tells his most beloved friend Arjuna that he will teach him the royal secret i.e.  the royal knowledge which is most holy, righteous in nature, can be experienced by a person, easy to accomplish and which lasts for ever. People who do not reach this state will be born again in the mortal world of miseries.

The Lord declares that all the beings belonging to the universe are present in him, though he is not affected by them. He describes that he is like the wind which blows everywhere but does belong to a single space. At the end of a series of yugas, every being merges in the lord and he sends them forth again to start a new era. Depending on their nature the beings are created by God who is not attached to them. The world never stops revolving in order to bring forth beings and non living things from nature and is supervised by God himself.

Lord Krishna says that some vain people make fun of the Lord in human form because they do not recognize that he is the supreme power and his high nature. Such people have knowledge that is in vain and demoniac in nature which they use to make fun of the Lord.

The realized souls have an innate divine nature with which they recognize the Lord in human form and worship him with austere vows, devotion and adore him with steadfastness. They realize the presence of the Lord in different forms. The lord says that he is Kratu, Yajna, Mantra, Butter, Om, the Vedas- Rig, Yajur and Sama, the father and mother of the entire universe and all that is to be known. The Lord says that he is the aim or goal, the eternal witness, the refuge, the friend, the source, the destroyer, the seed of all beings, and the lord gives heat, rain and is death.

The worshippers of God who do so through the means of sacrifices pray for heavenly pleasures and attain it, but when their good deeds are exhausted they are born again in the mortal world. The lord declares that he will look after personally the persons who meditate only on god and nothing else and the welfare and good living of such people are ensured by God himself. The lord says that the people who pray to other gods also worship him but in an indirect way. He says that the people attain their gods of worship respectively.

The lord says that he shall accept even a leaf, flower, a fruit or water if the person offers it with devotion and a pure mind with unselfish attitudes. The lord asks Arjuna to offer whatever he does or eat or gives, to the Lord first before performing these actions so that he is freed from the karma that may bind him to the result of these actions. If Arjuna performs actions by renouncing desires and giving up the fruit of action, then he will attain the Lord.

The lord says that all are equal to him and he will be pesent in those who are devoted o him and think of him alone. Even the wicked have a chance for revival if they worship the Lord and no one else. The Lord promise that his devotee will never perish e.g. Prahlad was rescued by the Lord himself every time his life was in danger. The lord says that even those of lower birth and women attain the lord if they worship him as the sole refuge. The Lord tells Arjuna to fix the mind on Him, to be his devotee and consider Him to be the highest goal and thus attain him alone.