Friday, April 8, 2011

Save the Earth

Lord Krishna is the epitome of love. He is the supreme creator, the avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu and came to remove the vices concentrated in the hearts of evil men. He killed those evil persons easily because they could be grouped because of their bad traits, but in the modern kali yuga, it is hard to do so bcause evil resides in the heart of good men also. Man must not become a slave of his senses and give in to anger, because God will not find one good soul worth living and the Earth will be devastated by natural disasters time to time.
It is not too late and man has a chance to save the Earth and himself.
  1. shed anger
  2. spread joy
  3. remove selfishness
  4. shed pride
  5. attack jealousy
  6. fight poverty by sharing
  7. plant a sapling
  8. walk more often. These are my humble suggestions. Please spread the word. It does not cost anything.