Monday, April 11, 2011


Vishu is the festival celebrated by malayalees to welcome the new year and they start the day by seeing the decorated idol of  Lord Krishna kept in the prayer room with offerings of yellow flowers [konna poovu], fruits and vegetables of the season like jackfruit, cucumber and mangoes. A lamp is lit in a broken coconut and a mirror is kept alongside to remind man that he is but a reflection of God. The eldest mamber of the family awakes others and covers their eyes and leads them to the prayer room where they are asked to see the beautiful Lord and the rich offerings to be assured of a prosperous year ahead. The elders gift money to the children who have a great time collecting money and spending it to buy fire crackers which they burst with enthusiasm. A grand feast is prepared by the ladies of the home for the afternoon and the beauty of the spring season adds a special glow to the festival.