Thursday, July 14, 2011

God helps those who help themselves

Man always craves for easy solutions. He is always on the lookout for ways to make money easily and falls into traps. Hardwork is quality that only a few pople have these days and they become successful. With the technology advances, people tend to rely on external help for all types of problems without even trying to use their brain or skill.

A sage once told a farmer that God helps those who help themselves. He asked the farmer to call for God's help when in trouble. The farmer agreed and went his way. Once when the farmer's bullock cart was lodged in the mud, he immidiately sat down and folded his arms and prayed, asking God to dislodge his cart. When nothing happened he ran to the hermitage and complained to the sage that God did not bother to hear his plea. The sage reminded him of the sying and said that man should pray for God's blessings and try to solve his problems using his skill and strength and then only pray for direct help if nothing works. The farmer agreed and started to push the wheel of the cart and at the same time praying to God. He felt that someone was pushing the other wheel. Within a few minutes the cart became dislodged. He thanked God and spread the message.