Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Karma and moksha

The ways to liberation are devotion, discipline, dignity, determination and detachment. A person who wishes attain moksha or freedom from birth and death should try to overcome impulses and be freed of lust and desire.

Devotion is part of the spiritual progress. Devotion is complete surrender and faith in GOD'S will. Turning to GOD for his help in the most trying circumstances can change the fate of a person completely. One need not collapse and resign to the cruel fate. God is the creator and saviour.

A disciplined life will never be torn apart or swayed by storms. A person who has control of his life and lives according to principles will not be easily defeated. The will power of a disciplined person will surface during times of need.

Dignity and self respect cannot be bestowed. It is more of a self imposed attitude. Other people will treat us according to our own value of self. If we are dignified then not one person can make fun or belittle our personality. People should ignore those who throw stones for they are not perfect.
Determination to reach the goal is the most important step to liberation. It is the armor against laziness and impulses. A determined person will not give way to gossips, scandals or bad influences. Only such a person will reach the goal of moksha.

Karma is inevitable in the life span of an individual. Detachment is the liberating factor towards the goal of spirituality. Dedicating the actions to the Lord and asking His permission before attempting any work will free a person from the shackles of karma.

Spirituality s not an end in itself. It is the moral way of living life in the Earth.