Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ten ways to be happy

1.Wipe your mind clean of worries and tensions.
2.Smile at a stranger when you go for a walk or talk whole heartedly to a friend or family member.  
3.Do not think about problems, thinking about it will not help solve things sooner.
4.Stop to think about the goals of life. Are you happy with just money? Is it not all about enjoying life and your needing money for it?  You need not visit exotic places in the world to be happy. Happiness can be found within you and around you. Just take a close look.
5.Be carefree. Children jump with joy. That joy is not about winning a lottery. It could be got by discovering a hole in a tree trunk or finding an apple for them.
6.Never be jealous. Jealousy wipes out peace of mind.
7.Greed also destroys peace. Try to be happy with what you have got. There are so many unfortunate people in this world. You are luckier than them.
8.Watch a lot of comedy plays or movies when you get the time. This helps in reviving the spirit.
9.Be innocent. Only those who have a beautiful heart are truly happy.
10.                Living life happily is itself a prayer. One who is absent of vices is dear to GOD. Therefore God will look after such a person always. Practice is better than preaching. A life of service is holier than life of just prayer.

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