Monday, June 25, 2012

Eleven steps towards becoming rich

1.   Set your goals. Define each aim and plan ahead.
2.   Discipline your daily life and accommodate your plans.
3.   Never tell anyone of your plans, it may misfire.
4.   Think sharply and rule out negatives and possible hurdles.
5.   Keep thinking about your aim in life and do not get distracted.
6.   Devote one hour daily to plan for the next day.
7.   Chart out ideas and facts.
8.   Work hard towards the goal.
9.   Save money and live life in a simple manner, in other words reduce extravagances you really do not need.
10.                     Do a kind deed by helping someone in need. It will be re payed.
11.                     Pray so that you become successful in life.

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