Monday, August 12, 2013

How to deal with tantrums of elders?

I live with elders who throw tantrums each and every day. They are not my parents but since I have been entrusted with their care, I have no choice. At first I used to fall for their bait. Now I rely on God who has shown me the way to handle such situations. I am writing below on how to deal with such people. 

1. When you see a tantrum going to start (usually it starts with murmuring which if ignored leads to shouting, banging and throwing things or tears and self pity), just ignore it whatever the provocation. Remaining silent will not fuel the situation and make it worse. When you remain silent, it might provoke them more but in the end it helps if only one hand tries to clap. 

2. Try never to boost their ego. never give them the impression that their behavior is appreciated. Such people gossip a lot and try to find faults of others but never spend time to introspect about themselves. It may be the difference in upbringing that causes such behavior but it has to be pointed out that all are equal and no one is superior to another. Most often, people who throw tantrums are those who have low self esteem. So, they want to prove to others that they are more important. In some cases, ill meaning friends encourage such tantrums like the jackal between the two goats. 

3. Never give in to threats. Once you do, you are lost. Assert that you will stand by your own personality and you will win in the end, believe me. No one has had it worse than me. Still, I trusted God in spite of abuse, life threats and what not.

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