Monday, August 12, 2013

The best paid to write sites as of August 2013

The changes by google has affected a lot of sites and their policies to pay the writers. I also heard that some lawsuits were the real reason behind the change of knoji not being able to pay writers as before. Anyhow, the latest and the best writing sites are bubblews and helium. All the others have simply withered out.

As for forums, city forum paid decently but the program has now stopped. The best forum that pays decently and is far better than mylot with the minimum payout of 2.5$ ( 250 points for 2.50$, 2 points for each reply and three for creating a thread and goes on) is Redlr. Check it out, many are making two or three payouts per month and even more. There is no delay, and the cash is got within hours. Is that not cool?

Finally, my blog has ads but it is by the new ad sense replacement,  Qadabra with minimum payout of 1$