Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun Activities to Do in Mesa, Arizona (USA)

Mesa is a wonderful place to visit with children. The museums, amusement parks, wild west locations, farms and river rides provide entertainment and adventure. Mesa is a tourist centered city which is visited by families. The museum is not just a boring building. It provides interactive sessions to elicit participation. The wild west tour with its mock gun fight and train ride is cool.

Mesa ranks third among the cities in the state of Arizona in the United States of America. Arizona is not just a hot place or desert. It has many lakes and other water sources. The best time to visit Mesa is January when temperatures are agreeable. The average high temperature in January is 19 degrees Celsius or 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low temperature in January is 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a lot of attractions in Mesa which kids simply love.

Planning a trip in January is most agreeable because of favorable temperatures and climatic conditions. There are many activities for children to do like visits to archeological ruins and museums. Adventure activities include horse rides in the Tonto forest area, views of mountains, lakes and deserts. There are actual farms inMesawhere children can closely observe farm animals. The Mesa amphitheater, amusement park,Mesaart center, aircraft museum and mall are other attractions. The ‘must visit’ places are listed below.

1. Mesa Grande is the site of the ruins of ancient Hohokam settlement. The ruins consisting of platforms and walls can be seen from outside the fence which protects it. The Hohokam people had made a canal system. People had discovered artifacts like pots, arrows and axe heads before the land was acquired by the authorities. The kids can view the model of the settlement in the museum to get an idea about it.

2. The Arizona museum of natural history is located in Mesa. It is a large museum which has so many attractions like Dinosaur hall, Dinosaur Mountain, a make believe forest with the first flying animals, sea monster statues, a make believe Hohocam village, statues of hunter - gathering people, historic photos and objects of anthropological interest. People can come in groups also and a given discounts. Seniors and children are allowed discounts too. The museum is closed on all Mondays and holidays. The Dutchman’s mine, flash flood, territorial jail, history courtyard and 'live' monster are loved by children.

3. Superstition farm is a place kids will love. People can have a farm tour and observe animals closely. Visitors can help with farm chores. There is a store which offers fresh farm produce like eggs, cheese, milk and ice cream. The hay ride tour, petting zoo where children can feed the animals and the horse rides provide ample photo moments. Thursday is market day and admission is free.

4. The Arizona museum for youth is a wonderful place which must not be missed. There are many attractions like Puppet Theater, art activities for kids, pixel peg wall, musical wave machine, story tale rooms where parents and kids can dress up and enact fairy tales, pumpkin room which teaches children about illumination and the origami room. The theme of the fairy tales keeps changing and provides ample entertainment for the young ones.

5. The tour of the goldfield ghost town will cheer kids. There are activities like train rides, horse rides, tour of the mines and a chance to see the old equipments used for mining. People can also enjoy the beauty of theSuperstitionMountains. Visitors are entertained with western mock gun fights. People can visit historic buildings and shop. The narrow gauge train is an interesting feature that is loved by kids of all ages.

6. There are many amusement parks in Mesa. The most popular are Golf land sun splash, Amazing Jake’s and AMF Mesa lanes. Amazing Jakes’s and Jambo Park are indoor amusement parks which offer lots of fun filled activities for children like roller coaster, rides, video games, soft play area for small children and a wide choice of snacks. Birthday parties can be conducted in the amusement parks and children will have the time of their life with friends, games and a lot of food.